Friday, January 15, 2016

How to Dutch Braid

We are in love with braids!! Especially beautiful dutch braids! We teamed up with Jill from Studio C Salon to teach us the how to on a dutch braid.  

Step 1/ Start with 3 strands in front starting at the part.

Step 2/ Take the strand on the right and cross it underneath the middle strand.Then take the left strand and cross it underneath the middle. 


Step 3/ Add more hair by picking up a small section of loose hair and combine with the right strand, and cross under the middle. Repeat on the left side. Keep repeating all the way down the side.

Step 4/ Continue the dutch braid by crossing the side strands underneath the middle section.

Step 5/ To blouse the braid, start at the top of the braid and pinch the outer strand, pulling it up. Make sure not to grab the entire strand, just the outside of it.  

Step 6/ Continue on each side until desired volume is achieved. Tie off the end with a small elastic band.

The best thing about this dutch braid is that there are multiple looks that can come from just this one braid....(1) Sweep into a side pony. (2) Leave it down and curl the rest of your hair. or (3) Pull it back into a bun. 

Don't get discouraged the first time you try.  Sometimes it takes a few practices before you get it just the way you want it!  

We want to see your beautiful braids so please share below!!

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